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Piles Treatment Doctors In Chennai,

    Elective Treatments / Surgeriesare best done after adequate research on hospital options from all angles   Almost 70% of illnesses that need hospitalization are “elective” in nature; meaning, you can choose to have the treatment at your time of convenience (over a few weeks or months). In other words these treatments are not […]


Hospital discovery platform MEDAGG’s co-Founders Ramesh and Sumitha are adding clarity and sanity to the care experience for patients and end-users through the power of aggregating data, counselling and choice. BACKSTORY Ramesh Krishnan and Sumitha Karthik are the Co-Founders of Medagg Healthcare, Tamil Nadu’s largest hospital discovery platform are on their way to transform patient experience in hospitals. Their […]

Understanding Anal Fissures: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Anal fissures are the ruptures or tears of the conjunction of the anal channels through the last part of your colon and the stools from the body. A few symptoms are commonly associated with bowel movements, such as itching, bleeding, and pain. In some cases, small fissures that cause pain can heal on their own, […]


Overview An abnormal connection, such as one between a blood vessel and another structure or an organ and another body area, is called a fistula. Injury or surgery are the usual causes of fistulas. However, a fistula can also develop due to an infection or inflammation. Different areas or portions of the human body might […]

Pain Doesn’t Have to be a Part of Your Life!

  Piles, are also called Haemorrhoids, are enlarged blood vessels that you can get inside or around your anus, which is the opening of the bottom. It’s normal to have blood vessels in the anus, as they play an essential role in incontinence. But piles can develop if these blood vessels become enlarged. It is […]


We started off 3 years ago with “Medical Aggregation” in mind.All we knew was that this theme made sense given how fragmented the medical services industry was and still is. The Consulting vertical proved to be the best conduit to bring potential aggregation ideas to fruition. We branched off into Transaction Advisory seeing the need […]