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ACL Surgery and Treatment

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What is ACL Injury?

An anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a rip or sprain of one of the main ligaments of the knee. It frequently happens during athletics or other physical activity and can cause knee pain, instability, and restricted range of motion. Depending on how severe the damage is, physical therapy or surgery will be necessary as a form of treatment. Get the Best ACL reconstruction surgery in Chennai from Medagg Healthcare.

ACL Tear Clinic in Chennai

Symptoms of ACL injury

Sudden Pain: Immediately following the injury, you may have a severe or sharp pain in your knee.

Swelling: Inflammation causes swelling to appear quickly, frequently a few hours after the injury.

Instability: The knee may feel unsteady or shaky, making it challenging to move or bear weight on it with assurance.

Popping Sound: Some people claim to have heard a popping sound when they were hurt.

Limited Range of Motion: You might not be able to bend or completely extend your knee.

Difficulty Walking: It may be difficult and unpleasant to walk or bear weight on the injured knee.

ACL Tear Causes

unanticipated stops or Direction Changes: During sports and physical activities, unexpected pauses, direction changes& pivots are common causes of ACL injuries.

Impact or Collision: ACL injuries can arise from direct strikes or crashes to the knee, as in contact sports or accidents.

Hyperextension: The ACL may sustain damage when the knee is violently overextended. When the knee is forced beyond its natural range of motion, this can happen.

Incorrect Landing: ACL injuries can result by landing after a jump with the knee in an unsteady or uncomfortable position, particularly in sports like gymnastics or basketball.

Non-impact Movements: ACL injuries can occasionally happen in the absence of direct impact. For instance, the ligament may be overstressed by abrupt braking or knee twisting.

Weak Muscles or Poor Technique: Insufficient support and stability for the knee joint can be caused by weak quadriceps and hamstrings, as well as by poor movement mechanics. These factors raise the risk of ACL injury.

Genetic Factors: Due to differences in the structure of the ligaments or the orientation of the knee joint, certain people may be genetically prone to ACL injuries.

ACL Reconstruction Treatment in chennai

Treatment for ACL

ACL reconstruction Surgery

Surgery to repair a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament  in the knee is known as ACL reconstruction. It entails repairing the injured ACL using a graft, usually taken from the patient or donor. Under anaesthesia, the procedure is carried out, frequently utilizing arthroscopic methods and tiny incisions. The graft is fastened into the knee joint to replicate the action of the original ACL. It usually takes a while to regain knee stability and function after surgery; this is especially important if you plan to resume high-impact or sports-related activities. Get treatment from The best ACL surgeon in Chennai.

Best ACL Reconstruction Doctors in Chennai

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The patient's own tissues (patellar tendon, hamstring tendons, quadriceps tendon, etc.) or cadaveric (allograft) tissue are commonly used as graft options.

Recoveries can take several months, however timeframes vary. Extended recuperation could be necessary before returning to sports or high-impact activities.

Infection, haemorrhage, graft failure, and stiffness are possible risks. Talk about these risks with your surgeon prior to the surgery.


   Indeed, a lot of people are able to resume their sports or other activities; however, this varies depending on the player, the sport, and their level of devotion to their recovery.

Arthroscopic procedures reduce scarring, and surgical incisions are usually minimal. Size and appearance of scars can vary, but they usually disappear over time.

You may get ready for surgery by learning about the process, making plans for aftercare, and according to your surgeon's pre-surgical instructions.

Health insurance typically covers ACL reconstruction; nonetheless, it's important to verify with your provider to determine your coverage and any out-of-pocket expenses.

Happy Clients

Mark McLeod who is working with Medagg service is very excellent. He coordinated right from fixing doctor, hospital's per our convince and he was with us till we reach our home after my circumcision surgery. His company motto is very much service oriented with dedication and full filling 100% of our expectation. If there is any rating above 5 star I prefer that for MEDAGG.
Suresh Suresh prabha
Suresh Suresh prabha
Hi I am suresh from old perungalathur I have Vericose wines problem last week just I call one phone Medagghelath care. He take care very well and suggest her tie up hospitals for our nearest and convience. His service are very good and trustable.
Saravanan poonmaliie saravanan
Saravanan poonmaliie saravanan
C R Prakash
C R Prakash
Real professionals in offering advice about specialised doctors and hospitals. Appreciate their commitment to follow up even after advice .
Kokila Yogesh Babu
Kokila Yogesh Babu
User friendly app to choose the appropriate hospital sitting at home. It was very much useful for treating my fibroid problem.
Abhina p das
Abhina p das
Good platform with best service
Aravthi M P
Aravthi M P
Medagg Healthcare is the best aggregator platform for all our medical needs. This platform helps me to find suitable healthcare services faster, saving my time and effort in the search process. Care custodians maintained regular and personalized communication with me, addressing my queries, sharing updates, and offering support throughout my consultation. Thankyou so much for all you support and care. Wishing Medagg All the best and help more and more people everyday.
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
Im feeling excited to share my feedback about Medagg health care team. Really their support and co ordination is professional & delightful. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jai kiran and Mr.Mark for his greatness and friendly behaviour. Thank you team for the support.
jai ganesh
jai ganesh
syed abrar
syed abrar
Living outside India it was very difficult for me to get my mother's treatment done. But thanks to Medagg got my mom's surgery done. I thank you for your professional service. Much recommend for any Healthcare service.

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