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Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Treatment

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What is DVT ?

A blood clot in a deep vein, often in the legs, is known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Pain, swelling, and potentially dangerous consequences might occur from the clot dislodging and moving to the lungs. It could cause a pulmonary embolism. DVT is a medical emergency that needs to be treated right away. 

Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment in Chennai

Appearance Of DVT

DVT's appearance is typically internal and not visible on the skin's surface. The external appearanceis swelling, pain, redness and warmth feeling in the affected leg.
Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) Doctors in Chennai

Symptoms Of DVT

Swelling in legs
Tenderness or pain in the lower part of the leg.
Redness and warmth in the leg.
DVT can occasionally show no symptoms.

Complications of DVT

Pulmonary embolism (PE): A condition in which a blood clot breaks free and enters the lungs.
Chronic leg discomfort and oedema associated with post-thrombotic syndrome.
Recurrent DVT: The possibility of getting DVT once more.
Pulmonary hypertension: Excessive lung blood pressure brought on by long-term PE.

Causes of Deep Vein Thrombosis

Immobility: Prolonged periods of sitting or bed rest.

Surgery: Major surgery can raise the risk, particularly if it involves the pelvic or lower extremities.

Trauma: Blood vessel injuries may result in the formation of a clot.

Cancer: The risk can be increased by certain types of cancer and their treatments.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, there are hormonal changes and an increase in vein pressure.

Hormone factors: Hormone replacement therapy and birth control medications.

Obesity: Maintaining too much weight can strain veins.

Genetic factors: Family history or inherited clotting issues.

Smoking: Increases the possibility of blood clot development.

Age: Risk rises with increasing age, especially beyond 60.

Deep Vein Thrombosis treatment in coimbatore

Treatment for DVT

Thrombectomy: In this procedure, the blood clot in the affected vein is surgically removed. When the clot is large, causing serious symptoms, or not improving with previous therapies, this treatment is taken into consideration.

Vein Bypass: To restore normal blood flow, a surgeon will design a bypass around the clogged vein.

Vein Valve Repair or Replacement: To restore vascular function, surgical repair or replacement of the damaged valves will be necessary

Deep Vein Thrombosis Surgery in coimbatore
Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment in coimbatore

Risks involved in DVT

Post-Thrombotic Syndrome: DVT can lead to long-term symptoms like swelling, skin changes and leg pain by damaging the vein and its valves.

Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI): DVT can lead to impaired blood flow in the affected leg thus causing discomfort, swelling, and skin changes.

Long-Term problems: If DVT is not treated right away, it may cause serious complications that lead to long-term problems

Death: In cases of untreated or severe DVT with pulmonary embolism, it can be fatal.

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Ultrasound imaging is commonly used to make the diagnosis since it can show blood clots in deep veins

Compression stockings, lifestyle changes, and anticoagulant drugs (blood thinners) are frequently used in treatment. surgical interventions in severe circumstances.

Risk reduction strategies include staying active, avoiding prolonged immobility, maintaining a healthy weight and taking precautions during long flights  

The length of blood thinner medication varies according to the severity of the DVT and the particular circumstances involved.

When traveling with DVT, safety measures must be taken.

Although DVT is frequently successfully treated and controlled, it may reoccur in some cases.

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Mark McLeod who is working with Medagg service is very excellent. He coordinated right from fixing doctor, hospital's per our convince and he was with us till we reach our home after my circumcision surgery. His company motto is very much service oriented with dedication and full filling 100% of our expectation. If there is any rating above 5 star I prefer that for MEDAGG.
Suresh Suresh prabha
Suresh Suresh prabha
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Saravanan poonmaliie saravanan
Saravanan poonmaliie saravanan
C R Prakash
C R Prakash
Real professionals in offering advice about specialised doctors and hospitals. Appreciate their commitment to follow up even after advice .
Kokila Yogesh Babu
Kokila Yogesh Babu
User friendly app to choose the appropriate hospital sitting at home. It was very much useful for treating my fibroid problem.
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Abhina p das
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Aravthi M P
Medagg Healthcare is the best aggregator platform for all our medical needs. This platform helps me to find suitable healthcare services faster, saving my time and effort in the search process. Care custodians maintained regular and personalized communication with me, addressing my queries, sharing updates, and offering support throughout my consultation. Thankyou so much for all you support and care. Wishing Medagg All the best and help more and more people everyday.
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
Im feeling excited to share my feedback about Medagg health care team. Really their support and co ordination is professional & delightful. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jai kiran and Mr.Mark for his greatness and friendly behaviour. Thank you team for the support.
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jai ganesh
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syed abrar
Living outside India it was very difficult for me to get my mother's treatment done. But thanks to Medagg got my mom's surgery done. I thank you for your professional service. Much recommend for any Healthcare service.

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