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Bladder Stones Treatment

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What are Bladder Stones ?

Hard mineral deposits called bladder stones can develop in the bladder as a result of minerals crystallizing in concentrated urine. Get the best urologist for bladder stones in Chennai from Medagg.

Bladder Stone Treatment in Chennai

Symptoms of bladder stones

increased need to urinate.

discomfort or irritation when urinating.

lower abdominal ache, either dull or acute.

Urine has blood in it, giving it a pink, red or brown appearance.

alterations in the look or smell of pee.

hesitating to begin or finish urinating.

having the impression that your bladder isn’t entirely empty after urinating.

Bladder stones may be indicated by recurrent UTIs.

An intense and unexpected urge to urinate.

pressure or discomfort in the lower abdomen.

Causes of Bladder Stones

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): These infections have the potential to cause bladder stones by causing minerals to crystallize.

Urinary Retention: Stone development may result from incomplete bladder emptying, which is frequently caused by an enlarged prostate or a neurogenic bladder

Dehydration: Not getting enough fluids can cause concentrated urine, which raises the possibility of kidney stones

Bladder Dysfunction: Stone production may be aided by conditions that impact bladder function, such as neurogenic bladder or obstruction of the bladder outlet.

Specific Medical Devices: Having stents or urinary catheters may raise the risk of kidney stones.

Kidney stones: Stones that start in the kidneys have the potential to pass through and become lodged in the bladder

Metabolic Disorders: Hyperparathyroidism and cystinuria are two disorders that some people may have that make them more likely to develop kidney stones.

Dietary Factors: Eating a diet rich in minerals, such as oxalate or calcium, may raise the risk of developing stones.

Foreign Bodies or Infections: Chronic infections or foreign bodies might lead to the development of bladder stones.

Bladder Stone Removal Hospitals in chennai

Treatment for Bladder Stones

Medical Management:

Medication: Your doctor may recommend medication to help relax the bladder and aid in stone passage if the stones are small and pass spontaneously.

Antibiotics: In order to treat a urinary tract infection, medications will be administered.

Alkalinizing Agents: Uric acid stones, for example, can occasionally be dissolved with the use of drugs that elevate the pH of urine.

Procedures With Minimal Invasiveness:

Cystolitholapaxy : Cystoscop is a tiny tube equipped with a camera. it is used To find and break up the stones. then, the particles are removed or washed out. 

Electrohydraulic Lithotripsy (EHL): This method breaks up the stones by using shock waves produced by a specialized device.

Urethral or suprapubic catheter: A catheter may be temporarily implanted to help ease symptoms and allow urine to pass in cases of severe obstruction.

Surgical Excision: – Open surgical operations may be required in certain circumstances, especially if the stones are large, hard, or resistant to conventional therapies. Making an incision to reach and extract the bladder stones may be necessary for this.

Preventive measures: – To stop bladder stones from coming back after therapy, it’s critical to treat the underlying cause. This could involve changing one’s diet, increasing or decreasing one’s hydration intake, or receiving treatment for underlying illnesses such an enlarged prostate.

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Prevention of Bladder Stones

Remain Hydrated: To keep your pee diluted, drink a lot of water throughout the day. Sufficient hydration aids in the prevention of mineral crystallization and stone formation. While each person’s daily water requirements are different, it’s generally recommended to consume at least 8 to 10 cups (64 to 80 ounces) every day.

Dietary Adjustments: – Regulate Calcium Intake: If you have a history of calcium-containing stones, follow a doctor’s advice in monitoring and adjusting your calcium intake. Refrain from taking too much calcium supplements

Minimize Foods High in Oxalate: Limit your intake of oxalate-rich foods like spinach, beets, sweet potatoes, and almonds. Consume oxalate within sensible bounds.

Moderate Protein Intake: Diets high in protein can raise the chance of developing several kinds of stones. Continue eating a balanced diet of protein

Balanced Diet: Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables that is well-balanced to guarantee that you get the nutrients you need and that your urine pH stays at a healthy level.

Sodium Reduction: Stones may form as a result of elevated sodium levels. Eat less salt and steer clear of processed or high-sodium foods

Manage Underlying Medical conditions: – Work with your healthcare practitioner to properly manage and treat any disorders that may compromise bladder emptying, such as an enlarged prostate or irregularities in the urinary system.

Bladder Stone removal treatment in Coimbatore

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While larger stones frequently need medical attention, smaller stones may be able to move through the urinary tract on their own.

Medication, minimally invasive techniques (such as laser lithotripsy or cystolitholapaxy), surgical excision, and recurrence-prevention strategies are among the available treatment options.

 While less common than kidney stones, bladder stones can nevertheless afflict people of all ages.

Yes, untreated bladder stones can lead to complications such as urinary tract infections, haematuria (blood in the urine), and bladder wall damage.

Healthy living, managing underlying medical issues, eating adjustments, and staying hydrated are examples of preventive approaches.

Do kidney stones and bladder stones have a connection? Indeed, kidney stones have the potential to pass through to the bladder and become lodged there, which can lead to the development of bladder stones.

Yes, children can get bladder stones, but their causes and treatments might not be the same as an adult's. 

 It is vital to see a healthcare professional for an accurate diagnosis and suitable treatment if you encounter symptoms like pain when urinating, blood in the urine, or ongoing urinary problems.

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Mark McLeod who is working with Medagg service is very excellent. He coordinated right from fixing doctor, hospital's per our convince and he was with us till we reach our home after my circumcision surgery. His company motto is very much service oriented with dedication and full filling 100% of our expectation. If there is any rating above 5 star I prefer that for MEDAGG.
Suresh Suresh prabha
Suresh Suresh prabha
Hi I am suresh from old perungalathur I have Vericose wines problem last week just I call one phone Medagghelath care. He take care very well and suggest her tie up hospitals for our nearest and convience. His service are very good and trustable.
Saravanan poonmaliie saravanan
Saravanan poonmaliie saravanan
C R Prakash
C R Prakash
Real professionals in offering advice about specialised doctors and hospitals. Appreciate their commitment to follow up even after advice .
Kokila Yogesh Babu
Kokila Yogesh Babu
User friendly app to choose the appropriate hospital sitting at home. It was very much useful for treating my fibroid problem.
Abhina p das
Abhina p das
Good platform with best service
Aravthi M P
Aravthi M P
Medagg Healthcare is the best aggregator platform for all our medical needs. This platform helps me to find suitable healthcare services faster, saving my time and effort in the search process. Care custodians maintained regular and personalized communication with me, addressing my queries, sharing updates, and offering support throughout my consultation. Thankyou so much for all you support and care. Wishing Medagg All the best and help more and more people everyday.
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
Ramesh Sankaranarayanan
Im feeling excited to share my feedback about Medagg health care team. Really their support and co ordination is professional & delightful. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jai kiran and Mr.Mark for his greatness and friendly behaviour. Thank you team for the support.
jai ganesh
jai ganesh
syed abrar
syed abrar
Living outside India it was very difficult for me to get my mother's treatment done. But thanks to Medagg got my mom's surgery done. I thank you for your professional service. Much recommend for any Healthcare service.

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